Basement Lighting Ideas

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Lighting a Portal Room

Basements and pool tables were produced for one another, but making a thriving bank shot requires good lighting. Recessed fittings are the obvious choice, if you have a finished ceiling. By installing the fittings to ensure that the light from every fixture shadows overlaps the beam of ones. And you are ready to play--with no fear of whacking a hanging fixture with your cue stick or knocking over a floor lamp.

Quartz-Halogen Track Lighting

Quartz-halogen track lighting excels in focusing on a dazzling beam of brilliant light precisely where it will have the most impact. In this basement seating area, that's on cartoonlike shapes of poster artwork and the furniture and the super-saturated colours. Placed floor lamps on both sides of the sofa provide accent.

Flexible Pendant Lights

Sometimes you need your light to come from close to the ceiling for total illumination. At other times--cooking, when studying, or doing paperwork or crafts, for example--you'd prefer a light source closer to this endeavor.

Basement Renovation Toronto

A False Lighted Window

Just frame and trim a "window" opening in a finished basement wall, paint the concrete wall behind it reflective white, mount several inexpensive florescent fixtures onto the wall, and equip them with daylight-spectrum bulbs. Hang a transparent light-filtering window therapy, like this accordion shade, and revel in the illumination that is filtered. Together with a halogen table lamp along with a can fixture, it is all of the lighting this room requirements.

Recessed Lights for Accent Lighting

While recessed lighting fixtures are usually thought of as providers of overall, ambient, or task illumination, don't overlook them for accent lighting jobs. Standard-issue can light the seating area of the basement living room, while smaller models provide illumination to top-shelf display things on the room's focal point wall.

Combine Lighting Fixture Types

This modernist basement house office uses recessed can lighting to light the screen shelves and walkway with the desk.

Uplighting Creates an Elegant Ambience

Many types of fixtures offer uplighting: within this room, the reading lamp beside the easy chair heads light up and down, as does the sconce on the far wall. Tubes behind a valance on the partition wall also cast a glow on the ground. The resulting even illumination works with textures of this basement area and the soothing colors.

Wall of Light

Florescent fixtures hidden behind perforated panels supply both a textural backdrop and broadly diffused illumination in this basement sitting place. The panels' style fits the room's modern theme. Large squares Expand the reflected light.

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